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Artisan Menu


Our kitchen will do their best to meet dietary requirements, but our menu includes a number of allergens, please advise us of any allergies at the time of ordering.


M$8 V$8.5
M$10 V$11
Wings M$14 V$15

Smokey BBQ, Buffalo. Daiblo, Miso Butter

M$14 V$15
Mini cob M$14 V$15

Filled with Spinach Dip

M$14 V$15

Garlic & Cheese Pizza drizzled with honey

M$14 V$15

3 Spring Rolls filled with Hellfire Cantina Signature Beef Birria, Mexican Cheese & Onion served with Birria Dipping Sauce

M$13 V$14


Add Chicken – $5 | Add Prawns – $9

Shredded Lettuce, Tomato Salsa, Brown Rice, Corn, Black Beans, Tasty Cheese, Sour Cream, Guacamole, Jalapeno, House Made Spicy Tortilla Chips

M$20 V$22

Roasted Pumpkin, Broccolini, Barley, Rocket, Tomato, Onion, Capers, Olives, Basil & Pepita Seeds dressed with balsamic dressing

m$19 v$21
Caesar Salad M$17 V$19

Lettuce, bacon, egg, parmesan, croutons and Caesar dressing

M$17 V$19

Marinated Beef Strips, Mixed Leaves, Carrot, Cucumber, Cherry Tomato, Coriander, Mint, Onion, Crispy Noodles dressed in Nam Jim

M$24 V$26

Club Classics

Served with Roasted Pumpkin, Broccolini & a Creamy Truffle Sauce

M$28 V$30

With an Asian inspired Salad of Pickled Ginger, Chili, Capsicum, Peanuts, Mint, Coriander, Crispy Noodles, Slaw, Rocket & dressed with Nam Jim

M$22 V$24

Mash Potato Base topped with Grilled Eggplant, Grilled Zucchini Ribbons, Oven Roasted Field Mushroom, Grilled Capsicum, Grilled Haloumi and a Sun dried Tomato Pesto

M$24 V$26
NACHOS M$27 V$29

Chilli Con Carne or Beans - Toasted Corn Chips with Tasty Cheese, Guacamole, Sour Cream and Salsa

M$27 V$29

Served with White Beans Hummus, Roasted Beetroot & Wilted Spinach

m$29 v$31

Served with Steamed Rice & Roti

m$32 v$35

Served with Pumpkin Puree, Broccolini & Toasted Almond & Caper Salsa

M$34 V$37
300G Rump M$35 V$38

With your choice of Chips & Salad or Mash & Vegetable

M$35 V$38

Served with Potato & Onion Rosti, Deep Fried Onion Rings & Jus

M$42 V$44
Chicken Schnitzel and Gravy Small M$16 V$18 Large m$26 v$28

Served with chips and salad or mash and veg (add Parmi, Hawaiian or Mexican topper | $4)

Small M$16 V$18 Large m$26 v$28

Served with Mash Potato, Sweet & Sour Red Cabbage and Jus

m$25 V$27


With Chips, Salad & Aioli

M$24 V$26

Served with Roasted Pumpkin Wedges in a House Made Yellow Curry Sauce

M$30 V$33

Served with Asian Greens & Broccolini tossed in Sesame & Soy

M$28 V$30

Served with salad and tartare sauce

M$21 V$29

Served with Chips, Salad & Tartare Sauce

M$25 V$27


All burgers served with fries

Two Beef Patties, Double Cheese, Tomato Sauce, Mustard, Diced White Onion, Pickles

M$28 V$30

Fried Chicken tossed in any of our Wing sauces with Slaw and Mayonnaise

M$20 V$22

Beef Patty, Lettuce, Tomato, Burger Sauce, Bacon, Cheese

M$22 V$24

Lettuce, mayonnaise and chicken schnitzel

M$17 V$19

Chickpea and lentil patty, lettuce, tomato and aioli

M$20 V$22

Grilled Chicken dusted in Cajun Spice, Lettuce, Tomato & Chipotle Mayonnaise

M$22 V$24

Standard pizza

gourmet pizza

Tomato base, mozzarella, cherry tomato and basil garnish

M$18 V$20
Pepperoni M$19 V$21

Tomato Base, pepperoni, mozzarella

M$19 V$21
Hawaiian M$19 V$21

Tomato Base, Mozzarella, Ham, Pineapple

M$19 V$21

BBQ Base, Mozzerella, Chicken, Bacon, Mushroom, Onion, Ranch Swirl Garnish

M$27 V$29

Tomato Base, Mozzarella, Hot Salami, Pepperoni, Nduja, Roast Capsicum, Onion, Chilli Flakes

M$25 V$27
BBQ MEAT M$24 V$26

BBQ Base, Mozzarella, Ham, Pepperoni, Bacon, Ground Beef, Onion

M$24 V$26
Supreme M$21 V$23

Tomato Base, Mozzarella, Ham, Pepperoni, Bacon, Mushroom, Capsicum, Onion & Olives

M$21 V$23

Tomato Base, Mozzarella, Prawns, Nduja, Baby Spinach, Cherry Tomatoes & Onion

m$28 v$30

Tomato Base, Mozzarella, Ground Beef, Garnished with diced Pickles, White Onion & American Mustard Swirl

M$25 V$27
four cheese M$25 V$27

Pecorino, Mozzarella, Gorgonzola, Lemon Ricotta, Toasted Walnuts

M$25 V$27

Broccoli, Mozzarella, Ricotta, Confit Garlic & Chili Flakes

m$24 v$26

Our Pizzas are made to order and are delivered to your table as soon as possible. This means that it may arrive at a different time than other menu items.


Add Chicken – $5 | Add Prawns – $9

Choose from Penne or Spaghetti


5-hour slow cooked beef in rich tomato sugo served with parmesan cheese

M$18 V$20
boscaiola M$18 V$20

Onion, Garlic, Bacon, and Mushroom in White Wine Cream Sauce, Served with Parmesan and Parsley

M$18 V$20

Onion, Garlic, Nduja in a Creamy Tomato Sauce served with Parmesan & Parsley

M$18 V$20
Puttanesca M$18 V$20

Onion, Garlic, Chili, Olives & Capers in a Tomato Sauce

M$18 V$20


Chips M$6 V$7
M$6 V$7
m$4 v$5
Vegetables M$5 V$6
M$5 V$6
Mash M$5 V$6
M$5 V$6

light meals

Corn Chips, Mexican Salsa, Cheese


Served with a slice of Garlic Bread



Gravy (GF) M$1.5 V$2
M$1.5 V$2
Mushroom (GF) M$1.5 V$2
M$1.5 V$2
JUS (GF) M$1.5 V$2
M$1.5 V$2
Diane (GF) M$1.5 V$2
M$1.5 V$2
M$1.5 V$2
M$1.5 V$2

Please note our menu items are subject to availability.

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sunday - thursday

Friday - Saturday


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